A Primer On Yoga Poses

Ask any yogi, and they will list them down because they have mastered their names at the back of their minds. Even the yogi’s have favorite yoga poses. All the poses have names that shall be mentioned as you continue reading this article. You need to do these poses. They are part of yoga, and if you minus them, yoga’s meaning will be incomplete.

Some will leave you feeling so cool and able to do anything. Each will have its effects based on how you strike that individual pose. Remember that you should try as you may do it properly. The points that follow show a few poses of yoga.

The Chair Pose

Just as it sounds, you will remain in the air balanced for a while in a position that will make you think of only one thing, a chair. It begins as the mountain pose whereby you breathe in, put your arms in the air while spreading your fingers. Once you start breathing out, you will have to portray a position of sitting in a chair for what seems like aeons.

That means that you will go downwards and backwards. Use your heel as a gear to shift your weight. Do it on repeat. Try being stable while you are at it.

Down-Facing Dog Pose

You will kneel and then stretch your hands 6 inches from where you at, then lift your legs so that you will look like you are bending. Your weight, in this case, will not be shifted to your heel but your legs. Ensure that your fingers are spread out on the mat and that your biceps are facing one another.

Push your hips outwards towards the space that is behind you. They should not look bent. This will work on making you feel relaxed as much as it is not easy.

The points above show examples of poses that are done during yoga.

Yoga isn’t about folding your body into a knot, but there is no denying that we all love to see yoga instructors and practitioners turning themselves into a pretzel. Careful though, as most of these poses aren’t for the faint-hearted or beginners for that matter.

The Crane Pose

Deemed to be one of the basic advanced poses, the crane is certainly difficult, but useful when practising arm-balance. It qualifies as one of the hardest poses as it calls for weight distribution as evenly as possible.
Rather than bringing your legs in front of you, it involves tucking the knees into the back of the armpits.

You need to tuck yourself into a ball position, similar to what you do when doing a somersault. Then put your hands on the ground, bend the elbows and then rest your upper arms back on the shins. The rest involves shifting your weight on your feet balls and lean forward in order to transfer it to the hands.

One-Handed Tree Pose

You have certainly seen people balance upside down in one hand, and it’s certainly no walk in the park. This yoga pose is part of the 5th series in Ashtanga and is only ideal for those who can manage the typical handstand. If you can pull off this one, then you have incredible mental focus, core strength, and strong wrists as you have to balance your entire body on one of them.

Wounded Peacock

As the name implies, it is a peacock pose, but using just one arm. This yoga pose strengthens your arms, shoulders and wrists and ideally boosts digestion because of the pressure applied by your arms. The wounded peacock is the ultimate test for mental focus.

These are obviously not the only insane and challenging yoga poses, but they certainly pose a challenge. As advised earlier, be careful when attempting them.