Managing Stress With Yoga

yoga for stress reliefStress by its very nature is inherent in us. The vast majority of us are born with the ability to feel stress, as a biological reaction to being in a stressful situation. At we take stress very seriously, although without getting stressed! Limited instances of stress are totally positive as they allow you to push more than you would normally do and, therefore, overcome certain situations. However, persistent stress is not good for you or your health. Your body and mind is not meant to endure overbearing stress for a long period of time

Managing Stress By Practicing Yoga

As such, when you are overwhelmed at work, it is a totally normal reaction that is meant to nudge you to the realization that at some point, you need to take a breather and relax a tad. To this end, you can use yoga as a means to help you manage stress.

The 5,000-year-old practice has been used to help individuals achieve serenity, thereby it has been used help deal with stress. Yoga combines aspects of controlled breathing, meditation, stretching, and physical activities (the physical postures) to help you relax and manage the stress you experience.

How Yoga Helps In Stress Management

During our daily routines, many of us make use of either our physical capacities or our mental abilities. Rearing are you constantly making use of your mind and your body. As such, you tend to tress one part of your body, neglecting to place the same strain on the other part of your body.

When practicing yoga, you engage the body and mind in equal measure. Since yoga involve meditation and imagery (an aspect that engages your mind) and stretching and poses (your physical body), you connect your body and mind, helping create an internal balance that has been lacking.

Furthermore, by breathing in a controlled manner, you increase oxygen uptake and, therefore, oxygenation of your cells. This will improve your relaxation levels, thereby helping you manage stress.

Finally, the meditation involved helps you take your mind off the various things that you are going through in your life. The combined effect of all these effects is a more relaxed person who can manage his or her stress much better.

The Other Benefits Of Yoga You Stand to Accrue

While you might get into yoga for the purposes of improving your stress management skills, you will inadvertently accrue other benefits as well. These include better-quality sleep, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, all over-all mood improvement, improved health, and much more. Not only is yoga good for your mind, but it is also good for your body as well.

Yoga Precautions

That being said, you should note that there are risks associated with doing yoga. Just as it with any other physical activities, yoga has its share of risk that every yogi should be cognizant of, especially novice yogi. As such, if you have a pre-existing condition such as a high risk for blood clots, balance issues, high blood pressure, eye conditions such as glaucoma, etc. you should consult your doctor before taking up yoga.

And in the event you are given a go ahead, it advisable that you opt for an instructor lead classes instead of video and audio yoga courses. By doing this you reduce the potential of suffering unwanted injuries, which would make it possible for you to continue practicing yoga.