Yoga Questions That Stress People Out!

Are you new to yoga, and you are wondering which time of the day is best to do yoga? There is no specific answer to this question. However, the best time to practice yoga depends on you and your stress levels. It the time that works best for you. You only need to make yoga a lifestyle and come up with a schedule that you will follow.

The Best Time To Do Yoga

It is good to choose a time when you feel rejuvenated. If, for example, you pick a time when you are busy with work, you may have a lot of stress, and this may limit you from fully concentrating during your practice.

You want to be fully present when doing yoga if you’re going to reap the most benefits. You are advised to allow yoga to fit into your schedule and not the other way round.

Morning Yoga

Some people will prefer to do yoga in the morning as opposed to other times of the day. Some yoga traditions, such as the Ashtanga system will advocate practising yoga asana very early in the morning, before sunrise. There are several benefits of doing yoga in the morning.

First, practising yoga in the morning tends to help one remain alert and active during the day. If you happen to wake up with sores and stiffness, doing yoga in the morning minimizes the pain.

During yoga practice, you get to stretch your shoulders, lengthen your spine, and open your hips, and this helps to minimize stiffness.

Kick Start Your Metabolism.

Doing yoga in the morning is said to help with boosting one’s metabolism and maintaining steady blood sugar levels. This is important because it keeps your body active and promotes better digestion.

Morning is also great because your body has already digested the food you ate the previous night. This allows you to hold a pose for a more extended period, increasing efficiency.

There is no particular time that one is required to do yoga. However, if you choose to do it in the morning, you will experience the benefits mentioned above.

The issue of sleeping after yoga is debatable. However, what you need to understand is that different types of exercises will trigger your body to act in a certain way. Some types of yoga poses can make you more energized, while others will bring your energy level down and cause you to feel sleepy.

An example of a yoga pose that will make you feel energized is the headstand. It is, therefore, good to pay attention to the above poses so that you may know when you should practice them. If, for example, you do yoga poses that make you feel sleepy, you may remain unproductive during the day.

It is therefore advisable to do yoga poses that make you feel energized in the morning while leaving the rest for another time.

Yoga And Sleep

When you sleep after yoga, you give your body the chance to repair and restore the muscles and tissues, which are usually strained or stiff as a result of various activities that you have been doing.

If you feel too tired after a session of yoga, it is advisable to give your body some time to recovery. After recovery, you will feel more energized. Sleeping will also help you get rid of the fatigue in your body.

Cons Of Sleeping after Yoga

It is said that if you go to bed immediately after doing intense yoga movements, you may burn fewer calories as opposed to you staying awake and doing one or two things around the house.

However, this is still debatable. In other cases, when you have an intense session, you may feel wound up, and this may interfere with your sleep.

The question as to whether it is good to sleep after yoga is debatable. However, it is good to establish why you feel sleepy after yoga. Feeling sleepy in the morning after doing yoga can make you slack in your job. Distinguish between poses that will make you feel tired and energized.