Yoga At Home and In the Workplace

Yoga is one of the best methods to stay fit, prevent early ageing signs and lose a few kilos. However, if you’ve never tried it before, you may find it difficult to start doing yoga at home.

At Home

The first thing to do is to research the different yoga schools and styles, in order to pick the one that best suits you. If you don’t want to keep poses for minutes or even hours, you can choose a more dynamic style such as Ashtanga Yoga.

If you can’t commit to a series of poses to repeat every day, you’ll want to avoid Ashtanga and seek for something like Hatha Yoga, pick a few poses, learn them and alternate them as you wish.

You’ll find lots of free yoga videos on YouTube and Facebook. You may even find online guided classes, so you’ll be able to join and follow the instructions of the trainer at a scheduled date and time. However, first-timers may be better off with videos they can pause and resume as they want.

In order to be able to work in a group, you need to become familiar with some of the poses and with the breathing techniques. After you learn enough poses to create your own daily practice, you can go ahead and do yoga at home without any video support.

Keep in mind that you should never force your body into a pose. In case you feel pain, stop before hurting yourself. Stretches and bends can be very dangerous, particularly when you don’t have the habit of exercising.

Always wear adequate equipment and make sure you use a good yoga mat. Doing yoga at home doesn’t mean you’ll lie down directly on the floor while wearing your fluffy pyjamas.

The Workplace

Companies are now beginning to appreciate the importance of employee health. This has been brought about by the ever-rising work demands and stress levels of the workplace. An increase in productivity and a decrease in employee absenteeism can be witnessed when companies have a healthy workforce that takes part in online programs such as yoga burn.

Yoga is of the employee wellness programs that you can implement in the workplace. There are lots of health benefits that can be realized when you practice yoga in the workplace. This is the reason corporate yoga is gaining prominence all over the world.

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress in the workplace is by taking breaks to do a little yoga. The stress hormone (cortisol) can be significantly reduced through performing yoga. This helps you become more refreshed and focused as you do your job. Better decisions are made by employees who have lower stress levels.

Fatigue in the workplace can significantly lower your energy levels. By incorporating the dynamic movements involved in yoga into the corporate culture, your body can produce more energy to help with any fatigue. Through simple yoga stretches, you can increase blood flow and boost your energy levels.

Corporate employees spend a lot of time staring at computers. They remain seated for long hours with little or no movement. This can severely affect your health. You can experience neck and back pain for being in this unnatural position for long. This can affect your productivity.

Through doing yoga, you can relieve body pains. Poses and stretches increase your body’s flexibility. They also help prevent joint pains and stiffness.

Yoga has lots of benefits that both employees and employers can take advantage of. Yoga stretches and poses can help improve your physical and mental health.

This is important in boosting your energy levels, reducing pain and fatigue, and improving overall productivity. Always incorporate yoga in your day-to-day routine in the workplace to reap its full benefits.