Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

Yoga is a fun way to spend your leisure time. It is known for many benefits, including improving flexibility and increasing blood circulation.

As much as yoga is not considered an aerobic exercise, some types of yoga are considered more physical. Active forms of yoga can help you burn calories. You can find out more on our Yoga Burn Reviewed page.

As long as you know the right form, losing weight will not be hard. Also, the constant practice of yoga will help you tone your muscles and improve your metabolism as well. This helps you to lose a few pounds.

If you are interested in yoga because of its ability to help you lose weight, go ahead, and practice the various yoga styles.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss.

If your main objective is to lose weight through yoga, you need to do your research. There are various yoga styles, but not all of them will necessarily help you lose weight.

An example of a yoga style that you should try is Bikram or hot yoga. These techniques are usually more intense and hence, will help you burn calories faster.

The two moves involve a lot of challenging positions and salutations that will keep your heart pumping.

If you are doing self-practice, it is advisable to look for a yoga class that will incorporate poses that target the large muscle groups in the body.

Exercises targeting the large muscles will help you increase your caloric burn. As much as you may focus on the intense moves, it is advisable to involve yourself in other less physical movements such as Hatha.

This includes gentle poses and stretching exercises that improve the well being of the whole body. In short, they promote overall fitness.

If you have to wonder whether yoga can help you lose weight, there is no need to worry anymore. Certain yoga moves will help you burn calories and lose weight in the long run. Go ahead and enrol in that yoga class.

Yoga Vs Cardio

Yoga has many benefits to offer, but the cardio burn is certainly not one of them. Most yoga forms are mild, meaning they do not increase heart rate significantly, although they help improve fitness and tone muscles.

Any form of physical activity can help with far burning or weight loss, but cardio certainly burns more calories than yoga.

The Advantages of Both Yoga & Cardio

Both can help you reap physiological and physical benefits. Yoga helps you manage your anxiety, depression and also alleviate stress and insomnia.

Burning Calories

As mentioned earlier, cardio burns more calories compared to yoga. An hour of hatha yoga and poses help burn around 180 calories for a 160lbs person, according to the American Council of Exercise.

However, moderate cardio burns around 475 calories. It takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat and so, cardio wins when it comes to weight loss.


Cardio exercises certainly burn more calories compared to yoga, thus making ideal for weight shedding. However, yoga poses have different benefits.

They involve extreme stretching and can therefore help you become more flexible and less vulnerable to injuries during workouts. Yoga can ideally help target and tone, certain muscle groups, better than cardio.


Yoga doesn’t have the same power to burn calories like aerobic exercises and so, any weight-loss regime involving yoga should involve some cardio as well. Losing weight calls for minimizing daily consumption of calories and getting into a workout regime.

So, Which is Better

If you have joint problems, injuries or limited mobility, cardio may not be ideal and this is where yoga becomes a feasible weight-loss alternative. Before you get into any fitness plan, you may want to consult your physician.

Keep in mind that any workout poses an injury risk when done improperly, so ensure you learn the poses and workouts before engaging in either cardio or yoga.