Can Yoga Help Us Improve Longevity?

It only takes a few classes of yoga to fully experience some of the most immediate benefits the practice can have for your life and daily activities. But, the benefits don’t end there. You can read our main review on our homepage on Following are some of the special benefits practicing yoga can have that directly boost your capacity to have a longer life as well as some yoga programs reviewed on our homepage.

1. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

As you age, you will find that the conditions of bones and joints are set for deterioration. Yoga works against this degeneration by caring for the connective tissues and joints preventing tears and injury and improving general balance.

yoga for longevity

2. Increases bone density and health

Placing the body in an asana allows body weight to be placed on your skeletal structure in ways that increases bone density and prevents the early onset of osteoporosis. More specifically, you will find your bones, arms, back and shoulders gain superior strength and resistance to fracture.

3. Increases blood flow

Yoga asana and effort improves circulation while the deep breathing aspect of your practice will ensure larger amounts of life giving oxygen are delivered to the body. Ischemia is the condition where organs and other important parts of the body are damaged through a lack of oxygen and this improved circulation can help prevent this. 

Regularly, boosting the blood flow through your blood vessels is also a good way to avoid heart attack.

4. Cleanses lymph and immune systems

The twisting stretching motions of yoga serve to gently wring the body this way and that and this is vital to improving the immune system, boosting lymphatic performance and eliminating wastes and toxins held within the body. 

Yoga has also been found to attenuate the immune function raising antibodies when needed and holding back an aggressive immune system in conditions like psoriasis. Even certain conditions of inflammation, like bursitis, can be addressed with yoga as a component of your treatment process.

Yoga is a great way to stay fit throughout your entire life. The earlier in life you start this practice, the better. The big question is, though, whether you can start yoga at any age. 

In general, it’s never too late to start yoga, provided that you are in good health and you don’t have any medical interdiction to exercise. Even physically impaired individuals can do some light yoga poses.

However, you need to observe your fitness level and to choose your yoga training accordingly. There are classes aimed at helping beginners get started, classes where you’ll learn how to take the Downward Facing Dog pose, how to breathe and how to design your own daily yoga practice.

If you are a senior seeking to start yoga, you should seek age-appropriate training. Such yoga classes and programs for seniors are structured to cater to your age-related needs. Most of these programs start with basic, simple poses you’ll be able to do without having to put too much strain on your muscles or joints.

As you progress, you’ll gain more and more mobility and flexibility, so you’ll gradually attempt more complex poses without the risk of injuries.

As you can see, it is possible to start yoga at any age, should you have a desire to improve your mobility in your elderly years.

However, discuss your intention with a medical doctor, in order to ensure that you won’t do more harm than good. Furthermore, choose yoga programs that start on the lighter side and gradually evolve into more complex training routines. Also, choose the best yoga equipment you can afford.

A high-quality yoga mat won’t make you a top performer over night, but it will offer you the comfort and the safety you need to enjoy your practice.