3 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Some people are under the impression that Yoga exercises are boring and too slow. However, Yoga is instead a holistic and intense exercise. This form of ancient fitness with its roots in India is focused on developing flexibility, strength and balance. When it comes to Yoga nobody expects you to master all the asanas in the first few classes, Yoga involves pushing the limits of your body overtime. You can see some sample beginner poses on our website here.

Practicing Yoga regularly does a lot more than just reducing stress and improving muscle power. A recent study that was conducted at the University of Illinois indicated that even a 20-minute Yoga session can assist in keeping the mind focused and the brain working better. A lot will also depend on the Yoga poses that you perform. For example, some are energizing which include the back bends and forward bends will bring about calming effects.

standing yoga poses for beginners

The standing asanas or Yoga poses will build stamina while the balancing asanas will cultivate concentration. The twists assist the body in detoxifying and will release tension. If you are a beginner to Yoga, it is always advisable to start off with the basic asanas.

Here are 3 popular Yoga poses to help you get started:

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This is a pose that will teach you to stand like a steady mountain. The word “Tada” means mountain, which is where the name is derived from. This pose involves major muscle groups and will improve your concentration and focus. This is also the start position for any other asana.

Standing with your heels apart slightly your arms should be hanging loosely next to your torso. Spread and lift the balls and toes and then lay them down softly to the floor. Make sure your body weight is balanced by the feet. Firm the thigh muscles and lift the ankles while rotating these parts inwards. As you are breathing in elongate the torso and as you start to breathe out release the shoulder blades as far back as you can. Your ankles, hips, shoulders and ears should be in line.

2. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

This is a pose that offers a grounding sense and improves balance while strengthening the back and legs. Position the right foot as high up as you can go on the left thigh. Make sure the left leg remains straight and now find balance. While you are breathing in lift your arms above your head bringing the palms together. Make sure the spine is always straight followed by taking 2 t 3 deep breaths. As you exhale, bring the hands down releasing the right leg. Repeat the same process with your left leg.

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukho Svanasana)

This pose will stretch your hamstrings and your chest and lengthen the spine. Start by sitting down onto your heels and stretch both arms forward lowering your head onto the mat. Form the shape of a table by pushing out your hands, strengthening the legs, followed by raising the hips slowly. Press the heels down, allowing the head to hang freely while tightening your waist.