A Yoga Fitness System for Women: Yoga Burn Reviews

I adore doing yoga; however, this particular yoga workout makes doing it far more enjoyable.

Yoga Burn is a workout program created specifically to help females shape up and lose weight.

The program is based on the principle of dynamic sequencing, teaching you how to correctly pre-form yoga poses and utilize these poses to shape and firm the body. You will find a few yoga burn reviews online but as someone that has followed this program, this is my review.

This system divided into three separate phases that operate together to challenge your body and mind.

It is designed for people of all fitness levels ranging from novice to advanced performers.

Using dynamic sequencing, you will learn the basics of all the poses and learn how to apply the poses in more challenging workouts.

This is a program completed in twelve weeks and helps to firm and tone the body while improving flexibility and losing weight.

Yoga is one of my favorite types of exercise, so I was highly excited regarding this challenge; as well as to share all my experiences with this workout.

Below is my official review so you can decide if the program is suitable for your needs.

Reviews of Yoga Burn: Who Is The Creator?

Zoe Bray Cotton Your InstructorZoe Bray-Cotton is the developer of this workout system, an instructor and a female body transformation specialist.

Zoe has worked as a personal trainer with various clients incorporating these types of programs into workouts to help transform their bodies.

With over a decade of expert experience in all styles, Zoe has the experience to teach wholesome yoga programs to women across North America helping them lose weight.

As a instructor she does a great job making the workout straightforward, so you can complete the course easily even if you are a complete novice.

What Are The Advantages?

Reviews of this system show that this workout challenge is a wonderful method of working out and losing weight while toning the body.

This is a good weight loss tool and can provide various other benefits in addition to losing weight.

Below is a list of the different advantages:

• weight loss
• improved sleep
• enhanced flexibility
• improved muscle tone and strength
• increased blood flow
• enhanced athletic performance
• improved mood

yoga for weight lossHow Does This System Work?

This system is a twelve-week program designed to assist users with weight loss, body toning, and body firming.

This program is divided into three separate phases each spanning four-weeks in length.

Each of the phases features specific instructions with videos as visual tutorials for the program user.

What Are The Three Phases Of Yoga Burn?

This yoga challenge is comprised of three total workouts in each separate phase of the program.

Overall, this offers a total of nine workout videos with bonuses that may be included in the program.

Each of the phases should last four weeks and you should aim to complete the three workouts in each week along with the tranquillity flow bonus. This offers you a total of four days to be performed each week.

Each of these workouts is fifteen minutes in length and does three loops to last forty-five minutes in total.

1. Phase One – The Foundational Flow Phase

yoga bootyThe first phase is known as the foundational flow phase because it helps to build a foundation for the rest of the Yoga Burn program.

It is in this phase that you are introduced to different yoga poses and learn correct form.

Zoe takes you through the poses step-by-step and teaches you how to combine poses together to form a smooth pose flow.

While this is a basic phase, it is a fast-paced program and can help to boost your body’s metabolism.

During this phase you will also learn how to breathe correctly. More items to be learned will include the following:

• correct form to complete exercises and poses
• lessons to progress through the foundational flow phase
• lessons to control your core when performing exercises

2. Phase Two – The Transitional Flow Phase

During the second phase, known as the transitional flow phase, you will learn how to suitably transition from one pose to another and create pose sequences.

This workout will teach you how to combine the poses learned in phase one and mix them up to develop maximum calorie burning techniques.

3. Phase Three – The Mastery Flow Phase

The third and final phase of the Yoga Burn program, known as the mastery flow phase, sees Zoe teaching you how to combine all poses and turn them into a body-toning, high-powered workout.

Using this knowledge and the skills gained from phase one and two, you will be able to perform workout routines aimed at burning fat and targeting problem areas of the body. Phase three can help you do the following:

• transforming the body while building muscle definition
• boosting the body’s metabolism
• targeting muscles to help build lean muscles and gain the ‘body’

What Are Women Bonuses In Yoga Burn?

This program involves more than the three workout phases exclusively. When using this program, you will see that there are bonuses available to enhance the experience.

The bonuses can be performed at any time throughout the twelve-week program.

Below is information on the different bonuses available.

1. Yoga Burn Bonus One – The Tranquillity Flow

The first bonus workout is fifteen-minutes long and utilizes the principles of restorative yoga.

The aim of the session is to help gain a state of relaxation while stretching the body. You will learn to gain correct posture when sitting and walking, as well as learning how to relax the body’s muscles after performing poses or de-stressing.

zoe bray cotton yoga2. Yoga Burn Bonus Two – The Beginner Flow

The second bonus workout is a forty-five minute workout session that is good for novice yoga users because of the slow pace.

The posts in this session are basic and the workout also includes a relaxation session.

3. Yoga Burn Bonus Three – The Pose Tutorials

As an instructor, Zoe understands there are complete novices and the third bonus is designed to help these amateurs with step-by-step guidelines.

This part of the program offers twenty-one full tutorials of basic poses. If you are concerned about not having correct form, it is recommended that you review these instructions.

What Is The Price And Where Can I Buy It?

The best place to purchase the Yoga Burn for Women program is via the official website because you will receive a sixty-day money back guarantee.

The average price of this program is between $37 and $57 depending on the package chosen with shipping and handling costs.

Below is information on the different program options.

Another option to purchase the Yoga Burn program is using a digital or a physical copy.

This is a good choice if you have a partner or friend who wants to complete the program with you, then you can split the cost.

When buying from the official Yoga Burn website, you will receive a sixty-day money back guarantee; therefore, if you are not satisfied with the item you can receive a full refund within sixty days of purchase.

buy yoga burn now

*Please note that the Yoga Burn program is not available through Amazon.

What Are The Pros Of The Yoga Burn Program?

The Yoga Burn program is ideal for people at all fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced. This means that any person can complete the program regardless of their fitness level.

Furthermore, the instructions are clear enough to follow for yoga beginners. Yoga Burn is simple and straightforward, so there are no questions regarding what you need to do in each phase workout.

The program incorporates correct breathing and you will learn to perform yoga poses while breathing correctly during the pose transitions.

It is also highly time efficient; therefore, you only need to commit a small amount of time to the workout. Based on the program, all you need is three days per week and forty-five minutes on these days.

Yoga Burn is a highly affordable exercise program and is much cheaper than attending classes at a yoga studio as many other reviews have suggested.

It is less costly than other workout programs and if you purchase the package with another person, it is even cheaper! Plus, if you are not pleased with the workout program within sixty days of the purchase you can receive a full refund.

Burn that fat with yogaWhat Are The Cons Of This Program?

Unfortunately, as many reviews suggest this program is not for all people.

If you are expecting the yoga-based program to be high-intensity, then you should consider another type of workout as this is very relaxed.

Moreover, the results are not guaranteed.

Results will always vary based on the individual and it can take longer for some people to see any results.