Yoga Burn Reviews (By Zoe Bray-Cotton, Yoga Practitioner)

Yoga Burn is a new 12-week program divided into 3 phases, targeted solely for women that are looking for the following results:

  • To have the ideal, desired body shape without weight training.
  • Increase their metabolism for ultimate fat burning.
  • To achieve that pert yoga booty.

Can Yoga Burn really get the above results that other fitness workouts can’t?

Is it really worth the price?

Great questions … let’s take a look as we run you through our Yoga Burn Review

Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn challenge went by another name previously. It used to be called “Her Yoga Secrets”. This 12-week system is designed to help achieve weight loss goals for women and to tone up and tighten specific areas of the body, like a booty challenge for example. Zoe developed this program by teaching yoga classes throughout North America.

Dynamic sequencing yoga is a term you’ll hear a lot and it’s this relatively unknown secret that helps to achieve that sexy, toned up physique without leaving the home. This program has become even more popular with the current pandemic with not many people being able to get to the gym to do their fitness workouts. This program can feel like having your very own personal trainer living in your home!

There are a lot of workout videos out there that promise the world. But as you’ll find in this yoga burn review, this program is designed to be gradually more challenging. Doing the same routines with the same intensity typically does not get the results we’re looking for.

With this program, you get 12-weeks of workout videos that will get harder as you go. This is by design! This is the only proven way to burn calories and tone up that body.

Yoga Burn’s current price tag is just $67. Split that over the 12-weeks worth of calorie-burning routines and you’re getting a single session for $5.58! Good luck trying to get a top, private yoga instructor giving you yoga sessions for that!

Here’s a little secret that will save you even more from reading our yoga burn review. On the Yoga Burn official website, as well as many amazing customer reviews, there is a video. If you watch that video, an offer will appear to get you started for $37 for the entire package. This is an exclusive offer and the best price to get the 90-day program with the 60-day money-back guarantee. Kind of a no-brainer don’t you think?

So, let me take you through the program in more detail with our insider Yoga Burn review, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

What Exactly Is The Yoga Burn Program?

Yoga Burn is a program designed specifically for women. It runs over 12-weeks in a progressive manner, getting more challenging workout by workout. If you are a woman looking to tighten up that belly or booty then this program has been created with you in mind.

Many women, especially those that have children, can find life quite stressful. Stress is not good for your body. In fact, being stressed can make it harder to lose that stubborn fat and get into that dream body shape. This is where the added benefit of yoga burn training sessions comes in as it will improve your flexibility and your mental health.

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How Much Time Will I Have To Commit To This Yoga Program?

If you’re looking to get the fastest results, then Zoe Bray-Cotton advises her students to complete 3 x forty-five-minute dynamic sequencing yoga sessions. One of the benefits that stand out is Yoga Burn can be designed specifically around your individual goals.

So no matter your fitness level, each yoga burn workout session can be tailored to you. I love going to a yoga class at one of my local fitness studios but can remember my first few yoga sessions when I felt left behind as the rest of the class were progressing faster than me.

The Yoga Burn program is divided into 3 phases. Each one of the 3 phases is easy to follow along, is done over four weeks and is designed to build upon the other to help you burn calories and quicker flexibility. The dynamic sequencing yoga routine underpins the program’s success, something we’ll look at shortly.

Here are the 3 phases we’ll cover in this Yoga Burn Review:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase.
As with many things, building a strong foundation can really help to build success. Yoga is no different. The Yoga Burn program is designed with progress in mind so there’s no need to run before you can walk, so to speak. This first phase of the 3 phases, the foundational flow phase does just that.

In this first phase of foundational flow, you will focus on improvements with flexibility and increasing your metabolism at a slow but steady pace. This Yoga Burn challenge has many beneficial yoga pose tutorial videos, so you will learn at a pace that won’t cause injury during the first month.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase.
Now that a strong foundation has been put in place, it’s time to turn things up with the transitional flow phase. During the Transitional flow phase, phase two of three phases, you will continue to increase your strength with these unique yoga workouts and improve your flexibility with more intense workout videos for calorie burn. New yoga pose tutorials will be learnt and by now there should be visible changes in your muscle tone and perhaps some weight loss.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase.
Now you’ll understand the importance of completing phases 1 and 2 of the Yoga Burn program. In phase 3 (Mastery Flow Phase), Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn is going to turn on the magic! By now, you’ve increased your strength and flexibility, given your metabolism a boost. This is where you will see real change to your body with increased calorie burning yoga sessions.

There are some advanced sequences and techniques in here that will have you performing better than an ancient yogi … well, ok maybe not as advanced as that!

Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn states that progressive sequencing of the three phases is really the secret behind the Yoga burn booty challenge success and the student will need to do each phase over four weeks.

So why is this important?

Most dynamic sequencing yoga classes (if you’ve ever been to one) are not only slow but they don’t really have a framework or follow a plan that builds on the prior week. There’s no strategic plan to target certain areas of the body, it’s all a little spontaneous.

This little overlooked fact is why most never achieve the body of their dreams through their yoga workouts even if they’ve practised it for years. Any successful fitness program or weight loss system requires progression and time for your body to get used to the increased intensity. When your body adapts to a new level of intensity, it adapts and then that becomes the foundation for further progressions.

The three phases of the Yoga Burn challenge mentioned above are a proven way to deliver results, according to the program’s creator Zoe.

Yoga Burn is a program designed with your in mind. It’s going to get you started exactly where you are at. If you follow along, the program through each phase, you will be able to progressively increase flexibility and see visible changes to your physique as you continue through the program.

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A Peek Inside The Yoga Burn Program

One of the wonderful features of this Yoga Burn challenge is that it is delivered in two specific mediums. You can go through the course on your phone, tablet and computer or if you would like the physical Yoga Burn DVD that option is available to you too. Both versions are available on the official website.

Most programs these days focus on a digital product so it’s a really nice option to be able to receive the physical Yoga Burn DVD too. The great benefit of the two options is that you can get started straight away and download the digital versions while you wait for the physical DVDs to arrive.

Like free bonuses? Then, you’re going to love the added bonus videos you’ll get with the main Yoga Burn modules to enhance the transformation of your body.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

The main Yoga Burn 12 Week Body Shaping Course. (Digital and Physical). The main program is the three-phase program we covered above. Start from where you are or access the quick-start class or get stuck into the 20 yoga pose tutorial videos. There are a total of 9 videos in the main program, each will need to be repeated for 4 weeks before continuing forward.

BONUS 1: Listen to each Yoga Burn class on the move with audio versions of each class.

BONUS 2: The stress reducer. If you’re looking for some stress relief, the tranquility flow phase class will help you to destress as the weight of all your worries drops away. This is one of the additional bonus videos and the tranquility flow is worth the program price alone.

BONUS 3: Keep yourself accountable, follow the journey of others as you take part in the Immersion Community and ongoing coaching calls.

BONUS 4: Yoga Burn Monthly. If you feel like exploring yoga such as Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, restorative and Vinyasa yoga, then you’ll enjoy this introductory Yoga Burn DVD set.

OPTIONAL: If you feel like purchasing an additional copy of the program for a friend or family member then you can do so and receive a special discount!

That’s a whole lot of valued content and information even for $67, let alone $37! Having an expert yoga coach such as Zoe Bray-Cotton teaching you from the comfort of your home via high-quality video for $37 is really fantastic value for money.

Benefits of This Yoga Program

We’ve gone over the three different phases of the main Yoga Burn challenge program, so what else is different than typical yoga classes at your local yoga studio?

Zoe Bray-Cotton, the program creator and personal trainer, has said that her Yoga Burn program has been designed specifically for women who are looking to achieve their weight loss goals for the long-term, a toned physique and to amplify their metabolism without any unwanted weight gain.

As a yoga teacher, here are some of Zoe’s thoughts:

  • This program was designed for long-term sustainable results but also to give women results they can see with their own eyes in the shortest time possible. There are some good fitness programs out there but many of them feature celebrities in order to sell a product. Yoga Burn has been designed to challenge the body in the right way for maximum, long-lasting body transformation.

This program will by design target the following problem areas:

– Bottom and thighs
– Stomach and hips
– Upper arms

  • The Yoga Burn program fits around your current fitness level and flexibility. It meets you where you are and gradually aids you in getting stronger and able to do more progressive sequences. You don’t want to be attempting challenging sequences that could result in injury. This is one of the best features of the Yoga Burn course when compared to traditional yoga classes and of course the fantastic Yoga Burn monthly certainly sweetens the deal.
  • If the body is not challenged it will not change in appearance or strength. With this program, you are always building a stable foundation to be able to push the body challenge that little bit further for maximum calorie burn. Zoe Bray-Cotton, the program creator understands the common plateau that women can find themselves stuck on so her program has been designed with that in mind.
  • Reduce your stress at home with the Yoga Burn Program. Getting to yoga classes can be quite stressful. Rushing around, satisfying other commitments, making sure the children are looked after if you have them, battling against traffic, finding somewhere to park. Getting to the class on time can be a stressful experience which kind of defeats the object!

    Once in the class, it will probably take the whole class to destress you back to how you were before the stress of trying to get there! Doing your yoga training at home, when it’s convenient for you using the Yoga Burn program eliminates that. Stress, as Zoe Bray-Cotton explains, is like a magnet for fat.
  • This is a program designed by a woman, specifically for women. Most yoga classes will be mixed and made up of many people from both genders of varying ages. The class instructor has to make sure that all class participants are catered for, so you’re not it’s not really designed for you specifically. This is why the Yoga Burn program is so effective. It’s designed for women only.

Dynamic Sequencing Yoga Secrets

Zoe’s course has been built upon one simple principle. Her Dynamic Sequencing yoga secret is the one, simple, effective principle responsible for the thousands of body transformations this program has helped achieve. We want our Yoga Burn Review to be as comprehensive and as valuable as possible, so let’s look at this concept.

As we’ve already covered, if you don’t push the body,  your results will be small or non-existent. Pushing the body too hard, too quickly can result in injury or even giving up too soon. With all of her experience, Zoe understands this all too well and this is where Dynamic Sequencing yoga poses come into the Yoga Burn system. Building a foundation of strength and flexibility is the key. 

By following the correct yoga pose tutorials, in the right sequence for the right duration of time, that pushes your body gradually is the only way to sustainable results. This adaptation the body makes by gradually pushing it harder, adds to a foundation to push it even harder next time.

The three distinct phases we covered above is this process laid out.

Who Is This Yoga Program Designed For?

If you’re looking to avoid weight gain, want to tone up those problem areas, increase your flexibility, lose weight and are a female, then the Yoga Burn program has been designed for you by Zoe Bray-Cottom!

It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or one of many advanced yoga practitioners. The dynamic sequencing yoga aspect of this yoga program starts off at your current ability and gradually challenges you as you go.

Many women don’t take the action they know they need to take to transform their bodies. If you cannot fit 45 minutes into your schedule, at least 3 times a week from home, then nothing can really help you. This yoga program does not require hours of intense cardio 4 or 5 times a week to see visible results.

Many women who swear by this yoga program have commented on the difference the Tranquility Flow phase has made to their lives and overall stress levels.

What Your First Week of Yoga Burn Might Look Like

Here’s An Example One Week Routine To Get Started.

Monday: Foundation Flow Phase (45 minutes).

Tuesday: Fast paced walk.

Wednesday: Foundation Flow Class (45 minutes).

Thursday: Day off.

Friday: Foundation Flow Class (45 minutes).

Saturday: Fast paced walk.

Sunday: Day off or optional Tranquility Flow class.

How Long Until You See Visible Results?

Every woman’s metabolism and body shape are different and therefore exact results can never be given. Yoga Burn is a 12-week program. It’s that long for a reason. Increased levels of peace, mindfulness, flexibility, blood flow and muscle strength will come relatively quickly. You will lose weight but this is more of a by-product of following the system. During the first stage, your metabolic function and your immune system will be strengthened. This noticeable change will give you more inspiration to continue the program.

Anytime we hear the claim of fast fat loss we can pretty much guarantee that it cannot be maintained over the long term and the weight will be put on as quickly as it came off. We don’t want that for you and neither does Zoe Bray-Cotton. She has designed Yoga Burn to motivate you for the ultimate lifestyle change, where you will want to keep at it because of the notable difference it will have on your life.

Program Advantages and Disadvantages


Yoga Burn is designed for women who want weight loss and to keep it off, doing so on their own schedules and from the comfort of your home.

Easy to follow, enjoyable, progressive bonus videos delivered by Zoe, an expert yoga coach.

No matter what level you start from, the yoga burn challenge will gently guide you to the next level.

Added bonuses: Increased energy levels, metabolic function, weight loss, immune response, happiness and peace, Zoe claims.

Get the Yoga Burn program delivered in two different formats to suit your preference. Physical DVDs, Digital Download or Audio format so you can follow the program from anywhere!

Get an experienced, results-driven yoga expert and personal trainer in your home for a 12-week period for $37. If that’s not for you, ask Zoe Bray-Cotton to leave your home, no seriously you can get a refund within 60 days of your purchase. A fantastic, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee.

Many hundreds of success stories and Yoga Burn Reviews.


You will not improve your flexibility, strength and transform your body overnight. For ultimate results, the Yoga Burn system needs to be followed and completed over a 12-week timeframe. Forget about wanting to lose weight. Focus on the process, the results will show themselves.

Each class is forty-five minutes long. You’ll get a 15-minute video which you’ll play 3 times. It would have been useful if it came as a 45-minute video, so that’s a small downside.

If you’re an advanced yoga pro, some of the initial or beginner yoga poses that Zoe Bray-Cottom presents won’t be challenging enough for you. You will find an advanced yoga poses tutorial video as you progress.

The Final Word On The Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn System

We have tried many different yoga programs over the years and honestly thought that we’d have buyer’s remorse after purchasing the Yoga Burn program. So, we were very pleased with the program and some of Zoe’s unique ideas and yoga poses on ensuring that the women who follow the 12-week program get the results they desired.

We like how the program is designed for a specific person (women) who have the same goal (to lose weight and transform their bodies through continuous progression.

Although Yoga Burn is specifically aimed at just women, it caters for all levels of ability and fitness. This means no matter where you start the program will guide you towards getting results for your body. It is fun and enjoyable to learn new yoga poses that challenge your body and to use muscles you never knew you even had!

It’s ideal for busy females, especially mothers who don’t have the time to compete with traffic to get to a yoga class a few blocks away.

As with any exercise program or fitness program, if you eat lots of rubbish you won’t get maximum results. Combine Yoga Burn with a healthy diet and you will see fantastic results.

You really have nothing to lose at $37 for 12 weeks of a professional yoga instructor and body sculpting. And the option of a no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee is there if you need it.

We genuinely believe that once you get into this program and build it into your daily routine, you will see results and those results will be long lasting.

So, my female friends, what if you continue to do nothing? How will you feel if a year from now you still haven’t taken action towards achieving your body and fitness goals? A year from now and you are still trying to lose weight. Dig deep, how will that affect your relationships, your confidence, your social life and your all-around happiness?

Yoga Burn can help guide you to your body and fitness goals.

Thank you for reading, we do hope our Yoga Burn Review has been useful and helps you to make the best decision for you, so you can lose weight and enjoy all the benefit as this is one of the best fitness programs out there.

Where You Can Get This Program For The Best Price?

Yoga Burn does have an official website. In fact the program can only be purchased from there so please don’t be tempted to get it elsewhere as you won’t receive the full benefits the complete program offers.

The program’s regular price is $67 but if you click the link below and purchase, because we referred you, you will qualify for a price of $37!

You can try the amazing yoga burn program for 8 weeks and if you’re not happy with the results, you can get a full refund with the 60-day money back guarantee.

Honestly, the amount of bonus video and value you’ll receive from this world-class yoga instructor is truly astonishing. You can purchase today and be starting on the program a few minutes later! Start your body challenge today! If you’re not happy with the program, then take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

*Results from weight loss programs and fitness programs are dependent on the individual, their long-term commitment, their diet, lifestyle and individual metabolism.